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Moving boxes

Affordable and durable moving boxes you can pick up or get delivered

Our lease boxes are affordable, durable, clean, eco-friendly and recyclable. The boxes are effortless to move and stack, and they make it easy to pack and protect your possessions.

We can deliver your box order by the next working day. You can also come and pick up boxes at our service point, no advance reservation needed.

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Moving box prices

The daily lease for boxes is determined by the service point they are leased from. The price is calculated on the order form when you select a service point.

Counting days: lease today and return tomorrow = 2 days.

We have 13 service points throughout Finland. You can return our boxes to any of our service points regardless of which point you leased the boxes from.

Instructions for using the Lainalaatikko moving boxes

One square metre of occupied space needs one moving box on average. For example, this means a 60-square flat would need 60 boxes.

You can save time by packing all loose items in boxes for the move. Items packed in boxes are quick and easy to move just by lifting the box or carting it on a truck. Our boxes are strong, so you can stack them without worrying about the walls or the bottom giving out.

Empty boxes can be placed inside one another or you can stack them by turning the metal arms over the top.

We recommend that you do not pack the boxes too full or too heavy to allow for easier carrying and stacking. Also note that having a bunch of little bags makes for slow work – order enough boxes and you can get a move on!

Don’t forget the cleaning stuff in your broom closet, all the sundries in the bathroom, as well as the flour and such in the kitchen. Boxes are also good for toasters, coffee makers, shoes and even the pots from your balcony or garden.

Ten tips

  1. Books: one box takes less than a metre off a shelf.
  2. Binders and folders: one box takes seven.
  3. The metal arms are only for stacking the boxes, they are not handles for carrying.
  4. Hand trucks make it easy to move box stacks. Maximum four boxes per truck.
  5. Packed boxes need about three centimetres of clearance at the top for stacking.
  6. Take note of the weight of items. Extremely heavy boxes are difficult to handle and carry.
  7. Pack all important items together in one box: keys, remote controls, chargers, etc. Mark every box with a sticker or a bit of tape so you can find things later.
  8. Any boxes containing fragile items should be marked with a sticker or tape that says Fragile (Särkyvää).
  9. You can mark a box with a sticker or tape to indicate what room the items go into.
  10. Order enough boxes so you do not run out in the middle of the move. Extra bags and loose items will slow everything down.

Skimping a little on boxes can be a big problem on moving day, so make sure you get enough boxes. Your crew will thank you!

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Lainalaatikko provides professional moving services and leases durable and eco-friendly moving boxes in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and 12 other locations.

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