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Packing and protection materials

You can get your possessions to their new home safely and in good order when you pack them carefully and protect them with the right materials. Good packing is half the job! We offer a comprehensive selection of different packing materials.

Investing in the protection of your movables is well worth it – who wants to find their grandmother’s vase shattered or scratches on the dining table after a move?

Order packing and protection materials

Small items and dishes

Small items can be protected with bubble wrap, silk paper or packing paper. The surfaces of tables, dressers and the like should be protected with bubble wrap or stretch film. Dishes can be protected with packing paper or silk paper. Using proper packing paper instead of old newspapers makes the unpacking easier, as your dishes stay clean and so will your hands. This also prevents ink stains from appearing elsewhere.

Floor protection

We supply corrugated cardboard cut to length to protect your floors during a move. You can buy the precise amount that you need. Just remember to clear any stones and other sharp objects from the floor before you put down the cardboard.

Carpet bags

Carpet bags offer good protection for carpets, mats and rugs so that you can bring them to their new home clean and intact. If you wish to store your carpets until you are ready to decorate, the bags will keep their contents clean and protected among your other possessions, and also make them easy to move.

Sofa bags

We offer several sizes of strong plastic bags for protecting sofas and mattresses. The protective bags will keep your sofas and mattresses clean and dry in any weather during the move.

Wardrobe boxes

Anything you can hang up on a clothes hanger can be transported as-is in a wardrobe box. This keeps your clothes from wrinkling and makes them easy to move between wardrobes.

Cardboard boxes

In addition to our plastic boxes, we also offer cardboard boxes. Our cardboard boxes are well-suited for both short-term and long-term use. The boxes can be stacked freely thanks to their thick and robust walls. The boxes will keep their shape for a long time, making it possible for you to move anywhere from the next town over to crossing the Atlantic. The boxes also feature handholds and are easy to assemble.

Other materials

Marking stickers make it easy to identify boxes, their contents and where they go in the new home; “fragile”, “remote”, “kitchen”, etc.

Large plastic bags like bin liners are an excellent option for moving soft items, such as duvets, pillows and soft toys. The bags can be reused to collect rubbish and waste at the end of the move. We also have versatile packing and masking tapes available!

Please call us on (09) 5 123 123 or send email to myynti@lainalaatikko.fi for more information about all kind of tools for removal.

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