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Company moves as a service

We have years of experience in moving businesses of all sizes. Whether your organisation is big or small, we always plan the project according to the customer’s needs.

Our comprehensive company moving service includes space layout planning, project management, logistical management, furniture installation and moving, storage and recycling services.

Good planning is essential for a successful move

Our moving service specialists will map your situation by interviewing key personnel or, if necessary, the whole staff. This will create a sufficient overall picture to complete the project successfully and minimise any delays and hindrances to company operations.

Practical planning will continue with a furniture inventory. The suitability of the existing furniture and the need for new purchases will be evaluated as the floor plans of the new site are drawn up.

Competitive tendering can be included as part of the project for any purchases deemed necessary. The look of the new site will also be designed as part of the floor plans.

For sites needing renovation, our service includes the acquisition of any official permits and the supervision of the renovation work.

A well-planned move still needs doing

Project management must work in close cooperation to avoid delays and surprises. We hold meetings with the named persons in charge to review in detail the schedule, preparations and the division of responsibilities during the project.

Our experts will make sure that areas like passageways, elevators and other vulnerable structures and surfaces are protected appropriately.

Furniture must be dismantled and situated for transport as planned in order for the actual move to be as smooth and swift as possible.

The furniture will be reassembled and installed at the target site according to the floor plans, ready for production as soon as possible.

Any waste items and materials left over after the move will be sorted for recycling and then delivered for processing.

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